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Parent Events

READY STEADY GO hosts various events for parents.

Welcome evenings

There are welcome evenings for new parents in the term before their children start. It is a great opportunity to meet the team and other parents. At these evenings, we outline and demonstrate our educational philosophy and practice, discuss centre-specific procedures and answer any questions parents may have.

Parent meetings

There are termly parent-teacher meetings at which we have the chance to discuss your child’s progress at READY STEADY GO and agree ‘Next steps’. In the summer term, every child is given an annual progress report, to which both the child and the parents are asked to contribute comments.

Your child’s next school

Once a year, generally in the autumn term, we host an evening where you can learn about, and discuss, other schools with former and current RSG parents. You will be able to ask them about schools their children progressed to – their advantages and disadvantages, academic and social. A variety of schools are represented: private and state, single-sex and mixed.

Some of the schools our children go on to:

The American School in London, The Hall, Hereward House, Highgate, The King Alfred School, North Bridge House, Primrose Hill Primary School, Queen's College, South Hampstead High School, Trevor-Roberts, St Paul’s CE Primary, St Christopher’s and University College School.

School applications & interviews

A session at which we give parents a guide to popular local schools’ interview processes. There are hints and tips about what parents can do to help and, more importantly, what they should avoid doing.

Literacy evening

An explanation of how we teach your child to read (and start to write), led by one of our literacy leads. You will be given answers to questions such as: What is phonics and how do we teach it? What is the best way to develop your child’s reading and writing? How do children learn to crack the alphabetic code?

Reception year meeting

A broad outline of our reception year curriculum – in particular, its focus on maths, literacy and critical thinking – for parents of both children who have just started their reception year and children who will (or may) be joining our reception group in the following academic year.

Parenting evening

A session at which parents are introduced to skills which will, hopefully, help them with the inevitable difficulties in raising children. Our parenting coach explains techniques, including the use of descriptive praise and reflective listening.

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