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Our Team

Training, retaining and developing our team is central to the success of READY STEADY GO. Our staff are some of the best in Early Years, and we have an exceptionally low staff turnover. We are continuously looking for ways to improve and develop, from our year-long induction process to termly training days and study groups.

Each centre is run by a lead educator supported by a team of early years educators. Together, they ensure the centre embodies our ethos, philosophy and code of practice – as well as adhering to statutory requirements.

We are committed to a high teacher-child ratio – exceeding the required minimum of 1:4 for 2-year-olds and going far beyond the EYFS statutory requirement of 1:13 for 3–5 year-olds.

Our team members come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. This diversity is reflected in the curriculum and celebration of festivals. Although most of our teachers have English as a first language, we currently also have fluent French, German, Greek, Norwegian and Spanish speakers.

Harriet Darley portrait Mar
RSG Principal

Harriet Darley, who grew up in Primrose Hill, joined the RSG team in 2007. Her leadership qualities were soon apparent. She quickly became a senior educator and, in time, Lead educator at our Fitzroy Road and St John’s Wood centres. 

After two years as Head of Development and Deputy principal, in September 2021 Harriet took over from Jennifer as Principal – her experience and intelligence facilitating a smooth transition. She has guided us, skilfully and safely, through the challenges of the pandemic. 

As Principal, Harriet oversees all three centres, working closely with the Lead educators, Jennifer and the office team. The mother of two small children, Harriet’s early years practice exemplifies our joyful but rigorous approach to young children’s care and education.

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Head of Education & Lead SENCO
St John's Wood Lead Educator

Mandy is RSG’s most senior team member. She joined RSG Primrose Hill in its first year, as a student from the College of North West London. Right from the start, she had a remarkable, intuitive understanding of children. The following year, she joined us full-time. Highly skilled and talented, she quickly became the Primrose Hill centre’s Lead educator. She has been Lead Educator at St John’s Wood since 2017. 

Mandy’s continuous professional development has included a BA Hons in Early Years Education and an Early Years Teacher qualification – underpinning for her role as Head of education. She has been a main driver in RSG consistently being awarded Outstanding status by Ofsted, and takes a lead role in curriculum and staff development.

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Head of Reception
Primrose Hill Lead Educator

Trained as an Early Years Teacher in Liverpool, Ida Percy joined us in 2010. She was a Senior educator and deputy at three of our centres. She then took a sabbatical to train as a Primary School teacher.

After four years in an East London state school, to our delight she re-joined us in 2020, as Lead Educator at our Primrose Hill centre, bringing with her an experience of teaching and developing maths and literacy in Reception year children.

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Fitzroy Road Lead Educator

A former RSG parent, Chantal joined us in 2011, working as an Assistant educator at Fitzroy Road while starting an Early Years qualification. She became an Educator in 2012, was soon promoted to deputy and then Lead educator at Fitzroy Road.

Chantal has a particular talent for working with younger children. Her story-telling skills are exceptional. Being read or told a story by Chantal is to be taken on a wonderful adventure.

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St John’s Wood Starters Leader

Vicky joined us in 2004, from the nursery at Robinsfield School in St John’s Wood. 


She was a Lead educator at our Camden centre before taking over as Starters Leader in 2016. She brings a joyful and original approach to her work with the younger children. She has a special talent for using cooking to develop their fine motor, STEM and sensory skills.

Head of Beginners

Athina joined us in 2018. One of our newer team members, she has a Masters in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology and a background in psychoanalysis which she brings to her work with the children and their families.

Gonzalo Puente Alonso v4 Jan 19.JPG
Head of Well-being & Behaviour

Gonzalo joined RSG in 2012. He trained as an Early Years Teacher in Spain, specialising in outdoor play. He brings a scientific, experimental approach to his work with children, encouraging a deep and wide understanding of, and wonder in, the world. His cooking of bread and pasta is legendary.

Head of Maths

Lucinda joined us in 2008. She is a potter, an Art historian and an ex-RSG parent, and brings a knowledge and understanding of art and a love of mathematics to her work with the children.

Head of Literacy

Sophie joined us in 2016. Both her children came to RSG. She is a reception teacher and brings a delightful, warm approach to the teaching of reading and writing.

Forest School Lead

Astrid joined us in 1997. Trained as a nursery school teacher in Germany, she was RSG parent to two boys before taking over the leadership of our (then) new Fitzroy Road centre. She is a wonderful story-teller, and a great Forest school advocate. 

Head of Music

Kacie joined us in 2014. An RSG parent, with a background in art and design, she undertook Early Years Teacher training while with us. Her dissertation was on music in the early years and its application across the EYFS. She worked at our St John’s Wood centre, and is now deputy at RSG Primrose Hill.