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Fun and educative sessions for babies (3 months to 18 months) with their parents and carers. This is the first step on READY STEADY GO’s programme of care and education for young children.


Children discover and experiment with a wide range of materials, textures and toys through a mixture of child-initiated and adult-led activities. Throughout the programme, children explore: instruments, natural materials, torches, books, keys, kitchen tools, mirrors, ribbons and beads, chiffon scarves, baskets, balls, bubbles and balloons.

Parents and carers are encouraged to sit back and observe their child during most of the session. Dance and ball play is a time for everyone to join in.

Your child will have the opportunity to:

Play, explore and discover in a calm, small group environment

Learn social skills - concentrating, listening and turn-taking

Discover languages through dance, stories, rhyme and song

Explore textures and experiment with sounds

RSG Primrose Hill: Fitzroy Road

Primrose Hill Community Centre
29 Hopkinsons Place, Fitzroy Road, London NW1 8TN > VIEW ON MAP

Wednesday 11.30am12.30pm

RSG St John's Wood: Alexandra Road

21 Alexandra Rd, London NW8 0DP > VIEW ON MAP

Tuesday 3.30pm4.30pm

RSG St John's Wood : Terrace

51 – 56 St John's Wood Terrace, London NW8 6LP > VIEW ON MAP

Thursday 11.30am12.30pm

You are welcome to book a trial class.
Please contact admissions. 

“Without wanting to gush too much, I can only praise the magical, engaging and inspirational staff that you have enlisted. We have grown more confident as parents as a result of the approach that RSG displays and encourages – so thank you for creating an environment that gave us the opportunity to learn alongside our child, particularly in ABC and Beginners. It has been truly wonderful and we feel lucky to have been part of the RSG family for 3 awe-inspiring years.”
Parent Feedback - November 2021

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