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Accompanied group of gentle, lightly directed introduction to group activities for 1 – 2 year olds at which a parent or carer stays with the child.

Primrose Hill Fitzroy Road
St John’s Wood

Please see options below, you can select one of both.

Primrose Hill

Children start morning pre-school in Primrose Hill at our Fitzroy Road centre, generally in the September after they turn 2 years old. Children then transition to full day pre-school at our King Henry's Road centre the next academic year / the year they turn 3 years old.

St Johns Wood

Children start morning pre-school generally in the September after they turn 2 years old. Children then transition to full day pre-school the next academic year / the year they turn 3 years old.

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Application fee is £100 for all groups and centres, including Beginners. These fees are all non-refundable. To place your child on a list, please complete the form and make payment.
NB This application fee does not guarantee a place, only a place on the list.

We welcome visits by prospective parents and children by prior arrangement once an application has been returned. Please phone the office on 020 7586 5862.

Lists are organised by date of application. Your application ensures your child a place on the list but does not guarantee a place on the starting date requested.

Places are allocated by date of application received and are usually offered well in advance. For autumn places at the Fitzroy Road, Primrose Hill and St John’s Wood pre-schools, this will be a year before your requested start date. For Beginners, you will be contacted approximately a term in advance. When allocating places, priority is given to children who are already at READY STEADY GO (including Beginners) and to siblings of current and former chil- dren. For the 9.15am Beginners sessions at Fitzroy Rd, priority is given to children who intend to complete a full-course of pre-school education at RSG — generally, this means till the end of the academic year in which they turn four.

A deposit of £1000 is payable on acceptance of a place at Fitzroy Road, Primrose Hill and St John’s Wood. This deposit will normally be refunded at the end of your child’s time at READY STEADY GO. Generally, this means the deposit will be deducted from your child’s final term’s fees. Please note that your deposit will not be refunded if you accept a place then later choose not to take it up.

Termly fees are payable, in full, one month before the end of the previous term. Places are not held if fees are not paid by this date.

Fees are reviewed annually.

Nursery Education Funding We participate in the government’s Nursery Education Funding (NEF) scheme, for which all 3–4 year olds are eligible, at our Primrose Hill and St John’s Wood centres. It does not apply to any other centre or programme.

Vouchers can be used to pay pre-school fees but not for Beginners, Playweeks or after-school sessions.

If children are absent during term time, no reduction can be made to the fees.

Notice of leaving is required. In lieu of notice, fees will be payable.

During the settling period — which will vary from child to child — a parent or carer is required to stay with their child. No child may be left on their first day.

Large-print versions of RSG documents are available on request.